Four Effortless Exercises to Discover Your Passion in Life

One of the things that you may be  searching for in life is to find your true passion. You know you were meant for more, but may be searching for what truly ignites your spark.  Without that feeling of fulfillment , you can sometimes feel drained, overwhelmed or stressed.  You may want to volunteer, start blogging, become a yoga teacher or invest in real estate. Whatever it is that you want to do; the following exercises will help you to find what you are looking for in saying “Yes” to more purpose and passion in your life.

  • Take a few minutes to sit and really think about what your ideal day looks like to you. Do you like to exercise, travel, write, read? How does it make you feel thinking about your ideal day? Write down everything that you would like to include on a day that is just for you.  Really resonate with the feeling of spending the day in a way that really brings you joy. Do you feel excited, peaceful, content? What is one tiny change that you can make in your daily routine to include parts of your ideal day in every day. Ultimately, the more things you can include in your daily routine from you perfect day, the more fulfilled you will feel.

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  • What are your greatest strengths? Pinpointing things that you are good at may help spark what you would like to do in the future. For example, you may be very organized.  You  could choose to start a business teaching organization skills or organize clients’ offices or closets. You can take that same skill and volunteer to organize a food pantry for a charity organization.  Take some time to brainstorm different ways to incorporate your strengths into your passion.

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  • What are times in your life that you overcame challenges? If you or a family member overcame a difficult diagnosis;  you may like to volunteer or start a charity that supports that cause. If you learned to live on a budget after  a difficult financial situation, you may like to teach people how to thrift or coupon through a blog or podcast regarding your money saving strategies. It is very inspiring to others to hear how someone overcame a challenge in their life. You can turn that problem into a passion by empowering others who may be going through the same situation.

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  • What do you get complimented on? If you always get compliments on your baking; you may want to actually open up a bakery or volunteer to bake for parties at a senior center. If everyone compliments your home decor; you may want to go back to school to learn how to become an interior decorator. Sometimes it may feel hard to know what you are good at doing and that often holds us up in discovering our true purpose in life. If you make a list of the compliments that you hear from others,  is a great starting point to know what you are really good at doing!

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Ultimately, living your spirit and finding your passion will include something that you love to do. Take some time to sort out what you would love to do daily and what are your greatest strengths. You are on the road to discovering the true fulfillment you are craving in your life!


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