Four Easy Ways to Naturally Detox Now

Fall is a time to be with family and friends. This often means gatherings that include food and festivities.  After eating several heavier meals, we may want to give our bodies a reset. You do not need to totally overhaul your diet but by making some tiny changes in your daily routine you can deliver big benefits with little effort.

Your body is very efficient and your detox organs work well on their own. However;  do you know when you clean the lint out of your dryer and it just works better to dry clothes? That is how it is with your organs when you help them with natural detoxing.  Most of these tips are super simple and they are great to include in your every day routine.

What is a toxin exactly? A toxin is anything that your body can not use for energy. You can absorb toxins in your environment including skin care, cleaning products and the air you breathe. They can also be ingested in the food you eat. Some signs that your body may need a detox include low energy levels, bloating, mood swings, irritability, brain fog, headaches, cravings, and trouble sleeping. Detoxing can help with these symptoms. Also, when you naturally detox and help your GI tract remove waste, you often lose weight in all of the right places too.

Here are some easy ways to get started right now:

Drink more water- Aim for half of your healthy body weight in ounces daily. Adding lemon to your water is a great way to help flush out your kidneys and aid in digestion to remove waste from your GI tract.

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Eat more fruits and vegetables- Fruits and vegetables are not only packed with nutrients but are also high in fiber. Fiber in your diet helps to naturally eliminate waste from your gastrointestinal tract. Aim for 25g of fiber daily from natural sources. While you are eating more plant based foods; this is a great time to eliminate white and processed foods and sugar as well.

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Breathe Deeply- When we take deep breaths, we take in more oxygen to cleanse the body and eliminate the body’s waste through carbon dioxide. Take a walk, go to yoga, hike, ride your bike or any other form of exercise. All of these things will help your body with natural detoxification.

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Get enough sleep –  Your body releases toxins naturally when you sleep. Sleep is very restorative and blood flow moves into your muscle and tissue for natural repair. Studies show from Medical News Today  that not only do your detox organs repair themselves at night but your brain does as well.  The main mechanism that removes waste products from the brain is mainly active during sleep. It is very important to get between 7 and 9 hours of sleep per night to promote healthy and natural detoxing in your body.

When we drink more water, eat healthier foods and exhibit self care through exercise and rest our bodies feel better. Be sure to listen to symptoms and if your body is telling you it doesn’t feel its best then be sure to include some of these easy ways to naturally detox in your daily routine.

Tiny changes lead to big results and even incorporating one or two of these tips in your daily routine can be very beneficial. I would love for you to share this with a friend. Comment below, I would love to connect with you here!




4 thoughts on “Four Easy Ways to Naturally Detox Now

  1. I really need to work on the sleep thing. I am waking up at 2:40 every morning- same time. With this early darkness, I want to go to be at 7pm.


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