C’mon Get Happy!

Boy, am I a sucker for all things that are aimed to make you happy. Inspirational books, I’ll read them. Positivity quotes, I’ll find them. Meditation, I’ll try it. I do believe I am a fairly positive and happy person. I look for the positive even in negative situations. So when several months ago, I felt just a bit more happy then usual. I  wasn’t sure why and then it dawned on me! I started taking a probiotic daily!

Even as a pharmacist, for years it never occurred to me to take or even recommend a probiotic unless a patient had previously been on an antibiotic. I started reading more and more about the good probiotics do for your gut. 80% of your serotonin levels are produced in your gut, thus taking a probiotic daily improves your gut health and also boosts your mood. Probiotics also help boost your immune system. They are essential in staying healthy especially during cold and flu season.

More and more people I talk to are referring to the term ‘leaky gut syndrome’, medically known as Hyperpermeable Intestines. This is where the walls of your gut become damaged and the toxins inside your GI tract leak into your blood stream. This can lead to autoimmune diseases such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis and Hashimoto’s disease. It can also lead to food sensitivities, malabsorption of nutrients and skin conditions such as acne and psoriasis.

While leading a healthy lifestyle also helps maintain a healthy gut, so does taking a probiotic. If you want to learn more about how tiny changes can lead to big results in your health, join me in my Facebook Community Tiny Changes Big Results.  I’ll see you there and we can all make the summer of ’17 one of our happiest and healthiest summers ever!


Oh Sugar, Sugar

Over five years ago, I came up with the name for a blog called The Fulfilled Pharmacist.  I wanted to post health tips and positive inspiration. So hooray! Here I am about five years later with my first post! In actuality,  I took this name to Instagram about nine months ago to do the same, posting health and inspiration. I’m having so much fun there and meeting wonderful people so I figured it is time to start up here!

One of the topics I talk about a lot on Instagram is sugar! The American Heart Association recommends 25g of sugar per day for women and 37.5g per day for men. Sugar reduction is key to preventing diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s and cancers. As a pharmacist, I am all about preventing disease as opposed to treating disease. I believe in a marriage of nutrition with traditional medicine in order to best prevent or treat disease.

Honestly, it amazes me that some of my patients turn to nutrition as a last defense in treating disease. Say it isn’t so! Nutrition is a key partner! . Think about how often you hear the words ‘diet and exercise ‘ when hearing about a disease treatment plan. It’s true!! Remember eating healthy now and reducing sugar in your diet are key to living not only a long life but a long, healthy and fulfilled life!