Twenty Simple and Believable Affirmations that Will Move You Closer to Your Goals Right Now

I am a big believer in positive affirmations. What you say to yourself daily will reframe your thoughts and keep you on track to achieving your goals and dreams.  Daily affirmations are designed to alter your beliefs so they are more positive and move you forward to what you want to achieve.

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At times affirmations may seem too unbelievable.  If your affirmations are too grand they are in fact positive, but may not help you to move you in a positive direction.  A popular goal for the new year is weight loss. Let’s say you have a goal to lose 20 pounds and look great in a bathing suit by the summer. You are excited and skeptical all at the same time about your ability to lose weight. You know you have had trouble losing weight in the past and aren’t sure how things are going to be any different this time. You start saying an affirmation ” I am going to lose 20 pounds.”  You may not believe what you are saying and the affirmation is not believable to you. You can start by breaking your affirmations down into more believable segments that do seem like something that you can accomplish. An affirmation such as ” I will take care of myself and make healthy choices when it comes to eating.” seems more obtainable and will set you on the path to losing those 20 pounds and looking great in that bathing suit at the beach or the pool this year! Keeping your affirmations simple and believable is a great way to fulfill your goals and dreams.

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Set aside some quiet time daily for affirmations. You can say affirmations throughout the day while you are walking, driving or even as part of you morning or evening routine.

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Choose a goal.

Repeat the affirmations silently or aloud and envision yourself reaching your goal.

Choose affirmations that you believe to be true. These 20 simple and believable affirmations are a great way to get started towards securing your goals right now.

  • I will make tiny changes daily, until I reach my goal.
  • I am positive I can achieve my goals.
  • I will keep moving forward.
  • I will start today.
  • I am capable of achieving my goals.
  • I will take the first step.
  • I will work my plan.
  • I will not give up.
  • I will make it happen.
  • I am excited to be moving towards my goals and dreams.
  • I am persistent as I keep moving forward.
  • I am taking the proper steps to achieve my goals.
  • I am grateful for the opportunity to make changes in my life.
  • I enjoy moving forward.
  • I will make the most of each day.
  • I am motivated to make change in my life.
  • I am becoming the best version of me.
  • I am worth it.
  • I am confident that I can do this.
  • I can make change happen in my life.

You can use these affirmations daily to set you on a positive path to achieve your goals and dreams. Feel free to add more of your own! You can also download a recording of five minutes worth of free affirmations atom  You will soon be on your way to achieving your goals one step and one day at a time!



Six Surprisingly Simple Ways to Boost Your Metabolism

Heading into my fifties, I definitely started looking for way to boost my metabolism. I was actually astounded by what I discovered. Your metabolism starts slowing down as early as age 25, and can actually decline by as much as 2 to 4 % per year. However; that does not mean that it is inevitable that you will keep gaining weight as you get older. Along with diet and exercise, there are other surprisingly simple ways to give your metabolism a boost.

Deep Breathing:

Studies show that dedicating even 3 minutes per day to deep breathing can spark your metabolism to increase by as much as 27%. Try inhaling through your nose for a count of four. Hold and exhale through your mouth. Exhale twice as long as your inhale. This is something that can easily be accomplished while watching TV, before bedtime or after waking in the morning.

Drinking Water:

Did you know that drinking one extra glass of water daily will increase your calorie burn by 200 calories daily? If you are not certain how much water should you drink;  aim for half of your healthy body weight in ounces every day. Studies show that drinking 2 liters   of water daily could actually increase your calorie expenditure by 96 calories per day .


Reducing Stress:

Chronic stress can increase your cortisol levels and increase your metabolism. The added effects of stress can lead to weight gain. This is often not just from nervous eating; but due to an imbalance in your stress hormones. Self care is an important part of any wellness plan. Take time to walk, practice yoga, meditate, slow down. Do whatever you need to do to take care of you!

Reducing Toxins:

A toxin is anything that accumulates in your body and you can not use for energy. There are toxins in the air you breath, the food you eat and in your daily routine. Be sure to choose botanically based skin care and makeup and natural cleaning products. Learn  to read labels on the  products that you use daily in your home and beauty routines.

Eating Real Food:

Packaged and processed foods slow down your metabolism. Eat whole and real foods. Shop the perimeter of the store where you will find foods that are not packaged. Go to your Farmer’s Market. Choose organic when you can. Fresh produce is also high in fiber and will help eliminate toxins from your GI tract. Also, resist eating after dinner. Giving your body time to rest will reset your metabolic clock. I aim for at least 14 hours per day between dinner and breakfast.

Getting More Sleep:

The more you rest and sleep the better your metabolism. Studies show that sleeping 8 and 1/2 hours per night versus 5 and 1/2 hours per night will actually burn an extra 400 calories per day. Eliminate distractions like watching TV and using a phone or computer before bedtime. Taking time for sleep is important for your overall health. If you need to rest, then be sure to rest!

Increasing your metabolism is possible at any age. A lifestyle that includes healthy eating and exercising are important to living a long and vibrant life. Increasing your metabolism so you can look and feel your best allows you to conquer your goals and dreams!


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